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In 2005, Ruth Bass-Green was diagnosed with breast cancer.   I cleared my schedule to be with her
  for the first of three surgeries in Boston, Massachusetts, caring for her for ten days. 
On the ninth day of her recovery, we traveled to Arkansas so Ruth could play the piano for her best friend’s son’s wedding.  Ruth sat at the piano and with no sheet music, played the piano for one hour. The love songs, sacred hymns, contemporary show and movie themes flowed as she expressed her
gratefulness to God for life, love, joy and happiness.
As I exited the church, a gentleman approached me and expressed his awe at Ruth’s 
artistry and stated, “If only I had known, I would have recorded her.”   This statement  stayed in my heart and my mind and I knew I had to lead the journey.

In 2009, after praying and fasting, Ruth recorded in the Abbey Chapel  at Mount  Holyoke  College in South Hadley, Massachusetts. She played for two hours without a break and again, no sheet music.
 Dan Damato was the sound engineer.

In 2012, I connected with Billy Mitchell, the incredibly accomplished Jazz pianist, and producer. I played the piano tracks for him and asked him to guide us through this project.  We are eternally  grateful  for his guidance and musicianship and believe that this project is God’s Will.

Constance E. Bass